Sunday, July 8, 2007

Popular American Hip-Hop Dance Group “Havikoro” Performing In The Capital

NEW DELHI – This group of young performers from the United States uses dance to communicate their message of positive life choices and clean living among young people.
HaviKoro, a Houston-based hip-hop crew, which started out when a group of friends chose dance over negative activities such as drugs and violence in their neighborhood, will be in the capital this week to spread their message among the youth here. The five-member group has gained immense popularity since it was formed in 2000 and has performed with well-known artists like Destiny’s Child, Coolio and the Black Eyed Peas.

The group, which is known for break dancing, popping and funk, will give three performances in the Delhi area, with their big public performance at Centrestage Mall in Noida on Thursday, June 22. Sponsored by SPAN magazine -- the flagship publication of the U.S. Embassy -- and the American Information Resource Center, the event is an attempt to share with young Indians the message of a clean and positive life.

According to Span Editor-in-Chief Corina Sanders, “We are very excited about bringing popular American culture to India. HaviKoro will be a treat to watch and they promote a message of positive life choices which is very pertinent for the youth of today, whether they are here in India or in the U.S.”

HaviKoro members include Richard Camargo, Amado Ramirez, Joel Martinez, and Kirk Beecher, and Jose Hernandez who acts as the DJ for the group. HaviKoro is here as part of a three-nation tour of India, Turkey and Turkmenistan from June 20 to July 7. The group has toured all over the world.